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When you're experiencing breast pain, we provide you with the top standard in breast surgery care.

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Our Breast Health Services

Cancer Genetic Counseling
We are discovering now that many common and rare cancers are related to genetic changes in our DNA. For those patients that seem to have certain cancers that run in their family, or if they have a family member with rare cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, then we discuss options of cancer genetic testing.
Breast Ultrasound & Biopsy
If a mass or other abnormality can be found in the breast, by ultrasound, then we can perform a core needle biopsy, often on the same day as your initial visit. This can be done comfortably under local anesthesia, and often provides a faster diagnosis.

Dr. Maria Palafox is a tenured, board-certified general surgeon trained in advanced laparoscopic and robotic techniques.

She has extensive breast cancer surgery experience and is adroit with the latest advances in cancer genetic testing. She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and went on to pursue both her residency in general surgery and a fellowship in critical care in San Antonio. She is committed to providing state-of-the-art care that helps the patient heal and recovers.

About Maria Palafox, MD

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Helpful Resources

Breast Cancer Surgery
The primary treatment for breast cancer remains surgery. We will discuss with you all of the surgical options for your cure, including plastic surgery options for reconstruction. We also provide a comprehensive consultation to include information regarding chemotherapy, radiation, and genetic counseling services.
Implant Removal
Over time, breast implants can change shape, move, or develop contracture, or scarring, which can become painful. Some patients will develop symptoms that are consistent with breast implant-related illness. Many insurances will cover the removal of breast implants if it is for a medically appropriate reason.

Our Personal Commitment To You

Dr. Palafox has made a personal commitment to herself and to her patients to provide the highest quality of care. She will be with you throughout your treatment and recovery.
Intro To Genetic Counseling
The Importance of Breast Cancer Early Detection